We Empower children to actualize their dream by 10th grade.


Team Rise`N’Shine
Team Members: Shreya, Sowmya, Ramadevi and Thamizh Selvi.
Sowmya, Ramadevi and Tamizh Selvi are students at a Government run school and hail from the underserved community at Trisulam, Chennai, Tamil Nadu.
Shreya is Class X student at Padma Sheshadri Bala Bhavan Sr Sec School, Chennai.

59% of Class V students can’t read Class II text book. Do you know that most mothers have no idea that their Fifth class child cannot read class 2 text books? Our mothers think all is well and that their child is on track to successfully complete their education. Little do they know the truth that, their hard earned money will go in vain. It's time to ARISE. Our APP ARISE empowers mothers from under-served communities to ensure their children progress irrespective of the school they attend, so that they can help their family arise and come out of poverty.

Team Oneness
Team Members: Janaki, Sindhuja, Mahajyothi and Pavithra.
Sindhuja, Mahajyothi and Pavithra are students at evening learning center run by NGO The New LEED Trust, in Perungudi, Chennai. Tamil Nadu.
Janaki is Class IX student at Padma Sheshadri Bala Bhavan Sr Sec School, Chennai.

Poverty is the number ONE reason why children around the world are not provided education. With 21.9% percentage of Indians living below poverty line, the number of children without access to education is alarming.The inspiration for EKTA app came when we visited a successful self help group run by an NGO. Here, mothers are taught one or many skills like weaving baskets, tailoring etc. EKTA app helps NGOs around the world replicate this success through online marketing and sales of products made by mothers, thereby empowering mothers to educate their children by helping them earn more by selling more.

Team Social Relay
(the team for equality and inclusiveness)

Team Members: Akshara, Ishwarya and Stella.
Ishwarya and Stella are children in a home run by a NGO called Paadhai, Chennai, Tamil Nadu.
Akshara in Class 6 student at Padma Sheshadri Bala Bhavan Sr Sec School, Chennai.

Every year, hundreds of social work interns from various colleges do their social case work, group work and community development activities as part of their Social work course curriculum in under-served communities. Due to limited time period for internship they cannot create social impact by completing the assignments provided by NGOs. Like a relay race, where the Batton is handed over from one athlete to another, Batton app hands over INCOMPLETE social work initiatives from one social worker intern to another, irrespective of the institute they are assigned from thereby collaborating with NGOs, institutes and corporates to ensure social impact.


Team Social Relay: Stella, Ishwarya, Tanya (Team Mentor) & Akshara

Mentored the First Global Team at Technovation.

Team One World Beyond Pandemic included Pavithra who hails from a migrant community located in Chennai. Pavithra won 500USD as a Finalist at Technovation 2021. The team worked together virtually across different time zones and developed one of the unique apps called
Goal Shadowing.

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"Lakshya" in Sanskrit means AIM and "Shala" means PLACE.

LakshyaShala is currently engaged with close to 700 students from the underserved communities. Through education we foster equality and alleviate poverty.

Tanya Elizabethe Ken, a Class XI Student, is the founder of LakshyaShala, Mentor and Student Ambassador of Technovation, USA and the Young Ambassador at Ariel Foundation, Geneva.

@Technovation 2017

@Technovation 2019

Lakshyashala engages children in learning through simplified and innovative methods. Each child is unique and we have one-to-one session with each child so we can understand them before they understand us and the learning process.





Spartan Group of Schools remains firmly commited to the cause of education, in tune with the emerging needs of the present,at this point, a real time review of Laskhyashala will enable us to appreciate the system further. This is a system which will definitely benefit students
- Roshan Koshy Jacob, Correspondent - Spartan Group of Schools

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Published: 03rd April 2019

This Class X student's app could help every underprivileged kid get a great job. Here's how

Most 10th graders have the boards on their brains. Not Tanya Elizabeth Ken. This girl behind the app LakshyaShala tells us why her app could be a game-changer for underprivileged children of today

Have you ever experienced that joy that floods you when your dreams come true? It can be something as small as winning an elocution competition at school or one selfie with your favourite footballer...the list just goes on. But what if I told you that there is an app that can help you actualise your dreams? You read that right! And don't get me wrong, when I say dreams I don't mean all of the above instances. Dreams, in terms of your professional career, in the future. Before I explain how, let me introduce you to the mastermind behind the app LakshyaShala — Tanya Elizabeth Ken, a 16-year-old student of Padma Seshadri Bala Bhavan Senior Secondary School.

How does the app work? Every student needs on-the-ground professionals to tell them whether they can cut it or not in a particular career. LakshyaShala makes that connection simple.

Students who need guidance, irrespective of where they're from can register on the app and be connected to people from several professions — doctors, engineers, IT professionals and so on. They can then ask questions, almost like chatting on WhatsApp, and the experts will step right up and answer them, "Very rarely are there cases wherein we reach out to professionals via LinkedIn and ask them to mentor students.

The app is sort of a communicative tool and the mentors and students can communicate back and forth. Sometimes this app even allows peer-to-peer communication in order to benefit students," she says. There's even a skill development module if the students want to take things up a notch.

The journey of LakshyaShala began when Tanya, in grade IX, questioned the whole purpose of education. "The whole point of education is is to set the pathway to a career. But that was just something I never saw in our education system here. It was something I struggled with," she says. Tanya, being the tech-savvy person that she is, was keen on a career in cybersecurity. But when she found that the education system did not connect the dots to help her reach her lakshya (goal), she decided to do it herself! "My parents had to network to find which were the appropriate skills and path that I had to take before grade 12. If this was what it took for someone like me I couldn't imagine the condition of students in rural areas. I constantly asked 'If this is the plight of students in top schools, what about students from the underserved communities?' That is when I started working on LakshyaShala, which will eventually lead them to have a career of their choice," she explains.

Since it is an open integration model, a lot of NGOs use the app to connect kids in underprivileged and disadvantaged situations with professionals who can help them chart a course to a better future. "This app is made available to every student, regardless of their educational backgrounds. It is not subject to only urban schools alone. The app is supposed to reach students from various rural backgrounds," concludes the 16-year-old entrepreneur, who just finished her XII board exams.

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